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No carrier settings since limera1n unlock


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Oct 11, 2010
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Hi I unlocked my iphone4 yesterday using the limera1n link I downloaded via a link on the forum yesterday, this got my phone from a total locked state "emergency calls only" screen & sim not supported in itunes to brininging the phone alive, being able to attatch it to my wi-fi network down loading cydia etc..... But when I tried to get my micro sim activated supplied by my existing carrier Vodafone in the UK no joy. It appears that the carrier bar in the menu has disappeard so we cannot update carrier settings to activate the sim :-(. We have also tried to update the carrier in itunes buit nothing there either.

The phone was sent to my by my sister in the sates as a brand new phone on a A T & T.

Can anybody help?
limera1n does not unlock. and it was clearly stated if you use limera1n to jailbreak you will probably lose your unlock because it does not stop the baseband update and you had to update via itunes first officially giving you the new baseband that is NOT unlocked.

but since your carrier is vodafone uk why do you need unlock. uk has them factory unlocked? you wanted to save money so bought it locked?:)

well either way you now probably have to wait for a new unlock for the 4.1 baseband. which im sure wont take very long they always unlock new bb
Hi I just downloaded Limera1n and jailbreak and unlock repo 666, onto my iphone4 on firmware 4.0.2 bb 1.59.00 and it was locked to AT&T. I live in Australia and bought the phone 2 weeks ago from the USA. I have somehow jail-broken it and unlocked it. I can now use my Australia micro Sim. Thus the phone is unlocked:)
Question the phone/i tunes are asking me to do a carrier update should I allow this