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Niantic Launches Worldwide Thanksgiving Pokémon Go Event


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Jun 18, 2010
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Niantic has announced that it wants to thank all the Pok√©mon Go trainers around the world by hosting a worldwide ‚ÄúCelebration to Say Thank You,‚ÄĚ which kicks off on November 23 at 00:00 UTC, the day before the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States.

In this latest special event, which runs until 00:00 UTC on November 30, Niantic will double the amount of XP and Stardust that player get when they complete in-game actions.

And trainers can expect lots more exciting stuff from Niantic over the next couple of months according to Pokémon website The Silph Road, which has been digging around in the vO.47.1 update code and found some very interesting clues about what fans can look forward to.

In particular, they have discovered new code that proves that Ditto is in the game, that it is ‚Äúencounterable‚ÄĚ in the wild, as well as ‚Äúcapturable,‚ÄĚ and apparently also available to be used in battle.

The Silph Road also notes that references to Shiny Pok√©mon have been spotted in the APK, including a new audio file that plays when a ‚ÄúRare‚ÄĚ Pok√©mon is captured, plus other references to ‚Äúshiny‚ÄĚ materials. However, there are no new Pok√©mon sprites detected as yet in the code, so it doesn‚Äôt look like any shiny Pok√©mon will be introduced anytime soon.

Sources: Niantic Labs - Pokémon GO

Ditto and... Shinies? What's New in Pokemon GO APK 0.47.1 | The Silph Road

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