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Niantic Announces Special Pokémon Go Worldwide Bloom Event for This Weekend


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Jun 18, 2010
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Niantic is celebrating the arrival of spring this weekend with a special “Worldwide Bloom” event. Lasting until Monday, May 8, the event should see Grass-type Pokémon appearing more frequently in the wild, until they return to their usual habitats after the weekend. For the duration of the event, Lures will last for 6 hours.

As Forbes’ Paul Tassi notes in his piece on the event, this actually appears to be a new approach from Niantic, a “micro-event” that is very different from all the previous special events that Niantic has hosted for Pokémon Go.

There are several ways in which the Worldwide Bloom event differs from all previous Pokémon Go events: it’s shorter, with no XP, candy, or stardust bonuses to earn; there are no sale items available; there are no new Pokémon or gameplay elements; and it is not tied in to any real-world holiday, such as Christmas or Halloween. Tassi thinks this new approach could be Niantic testing the waters as to whether or not smaller, more frequent events will get Trainers more involved in the game.

Tassi also thinks that Niantic could have a much more significant update planned for June, such as the first Legendary spawns, or a new gym system, in a bid to recapture those magical summer days of Pokémon Go for the second year running.

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Pokémon GO's Worldwide Bloom Is Its First True Micro-Event, And A Sign Of Things To Come

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