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New Video Shows Comparison Between iPhone 5 Parts


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Jun 18, 2010
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On the day that Reuters reports that LG Display has announced that it has started mass producing displays for Apple’s next iPhone, due to be launched on September 12 for possible release on September 21, MacRumors writes about a new YouTube video that has been posted by SmartPhone Medic, which is a comparison of various parts that are said to be from Apple’s next iPhone and the iPhone 4S. These include the front panels, flex cables, and dock connector and headphone jack. Nothing we haven’t seen before, but gives you more of an idea of what the next iPhone will be like when assembled, rather than just a load of bits! Meanwhile, AppleInsider also reports on new pictures of what are said to be the next iPhone’s USB charge and sync cable, as well as the smaller dock connector, which turned up on Veister.com.

Source: Video Comparison of 'iPhone 5' Front Panel and Flex Cables to iPhone 4S Parts - Mac Rumors
LG says started production of new screen, as Apple plans product launch | Reuters
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