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New Signs Suggest Imminent iPhone 5S Release on China Mobile; Test Screenshots & More


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Jul 27, 2011
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For a while now the big news in the background for Apple was whether or not they new iPhone 5S & 5C would actually show up on China Mobile, the biggest carrier in that country. There have been several rumors over the past few months on the subject, and some of them from big news organizations. For the most part, the speculation is that Apple and China Mobile have already worked out a deal but simply haven't announced it yet. We have some new intel today which could confirm this and suggests China Mobile will be getting the device sooner rather than later.

First, the above pic is supposedly a screenshot of a test of the device on China Mobile's network. The other clue that it is likely coming is that China Mobile has been ramping up their marketing PR machine for their new 4G TD-LTE service. In fact, local offices of China Mobile in Guanzhou and Shenzen have even started taking pre-orders for TD-LTE services. Since the carrier doesn't have any TD-LTE devices, but the iPhone 5S is compatible with that service, it stands to reason that China Mobile will launch the service at the same time they announce the availability of the coveted iPhone 5S.

While none of this is obvious confirmation of an impending launch, the signs heavily favor that outcome.

As a sidebar, even if you don't live in China or use China Mobile, this will finally be a huge win for Apple as they have been trying to work out a deal with China Mobile for several years now. This will be great news for everyone, and especially for Apple stock-holders.

Source: UnWiredView

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