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New Patent Suggests Apple is Working on a Remote with Touch ID for the Apple TV


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Nov 27, 2012
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Many customers are still waiting for the Apple TV to receive a significant upgrade and we've seen some mention of that during Apple’s WWDC conference. Rumor has it that the revamped box will launch by the end of this year, and now a fresh patent seems to suggest that Apple is thinking of adding Touch ID to the remote, as well.

The patent describes that the Touch ID could be used for accessing TV content with your fingerprint, but also for controlling home automation. Thus, it could be used to open the garage door or to control the thermostat. We've seen the first HomeKit devices go on sale recently, so such a feature would be quite useful.

Furthermore, Touch ID could be used to identify a user accessing the TV and then display age-appropriate content as set through parental controls.

Source: Patently Apple