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New MTV Anti-Bullying App Aims To Save Lives


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Jun 18, 2010
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Mashable reports today that MTV has released a new iOS app to help combat the serious problem of bullying. Called “Over the Line”, it is based around and built on the web page of the same name. MTV has launched the app in conjunction with National Bullying Prevention month in the hope of giving hope to teens in particular who might feel that they have nowhere else to turn. The app, like the website, gives teens the opportunity to submit their stories about being bullied, disrespected or hassled by their peers, with other users then being able to rate whether or not the incident was actual bullying, in their opinion, and to what degree it was over, on, or below the line. The submissions run the gamut of every type of bullying you can imagine, with the app and website being similar in tone to other such popular public confession sites such as Texts From Last Night, only with a much more serious and worthy intent of actually trying to help troubled teens and maybe even save some lives along the way.

You can download the app here for free.

Source: Mashable