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New Movie Tangerine Shot Entirely on iPhone 5s


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Jun 18, 2010
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9to5 Mac has a great story about a new movie, Tangerine, that has just taken the Sundance Film Festival by storm, and which was filmed entirely on three iPhone 5s cameras and an $8 app, FiLMiC Pro.

The filmmaker, Sean Baker, told SlashFilm that he decided to use the iPhones to make the film not only because they are, of course, incredibly cheap when compared to traditional movie cameras, but also because they enable the filmmakers to shoot footage much more discreetly when using them in public.

Apparently, at one point, when footage was being shot in the LA Metro subway, an LA city bus driver actually called the police because he thought that an argument taking place between two actors was real!

One of the actors in the film, James Ransone, told The Verge that he had initially had a degree of “hesitancy” about appearing in a film shot on iPhones, but came round to the advantages in the end. “There’s a lot that can be done with an iPhone.”

And it seems to have worked a treat, as Variety said that Tangerine is “an exuberantly raw and up-close portrait of one of Los Angeles’ more distinctive sex-trade subcultures [that] should be enthusiastically embraced on and beyond the LGBT test circuit.”

Sources: Sundance Film Festival hit movie was filmed entirely with the iPhone 5s and an 8 app 9to5Mac
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