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Oct 8, 2010
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Hello. I am new to this so would like to say hello. I am in a bit of a dilemma as I would like an iphone 4. But I already have a Blackberry 8900 and may be upgrading to a Blackberry 9700. Now my main aspect would be to receive instant emails(Not every 15 mins etc!) and I do not know if an iphone 4 will do this. I know it pushes emails but instantly, well, I'm not sure. The other thing is do I have to pay for an iphone 4 including monthly contract fee if its an upgrade from Orange...... Is just questions like these that are making my choice difficult as I cant get the answers so please please will you help...........! Thank you
You can get instant emails.. What email accounts do you use? Gmail and MsExchange server push messages. Any other accounts you would need MobileMe (kinda like bbmail) that checks the emails that don't push and pushes them to your phone.
Well that might just make my decision for me then as I really do need instant emails from my BT Email Server and my Blackberry does this perfectly. I don't want to change my mail server..... Looks like its the Blackberry Bold 9700. I even looked at the 'MobileMe' and you have to pay a subscription Fee to get this and its not guaranteed to work then. I will just have to play with my ipod Touch instead!!!!
Thank you for that. I still cant really find a direct answer to my question though!!! Does iPhone 4 sent instant emails from my BT mail server!! I even asked a phone store and they could not give me a direct answer. I have received a reply from here to say that I need 'MobileMe', but someone I spoke to said even that isn't a guarantee it will work!