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New iPhone Schematic Says it Does Have 4-Inch Screen After All


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Jun 18, 2010
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After yesterday’s bumper feast of leaked parts photos from the next iPhone, 9to5 Mac has more today with a post showing a schematic that first appeared on Cydia Blog, and which show a next-gen iPhone with a diagonal opening of just over 4 inches. The schematic also shows the FaceTime camera moves to over the earpiece. I don’t know if anybody else was as confused as I am over the whole screen size issue, but 9to5 tries to clarify the situation a little further with these schematics, saying that although the calculations show that the phone’s opening is less than 0.1 inch over 4 inches, it is likely that the display will measure 4 inches diagonally, because the front panel is usually larger than the display. 9to5 Mac also says that going by the front glass images that it posted yesterday, the next iPhone will have the same width as the current iPhone. I’m still a bit confused, but have a look at the schematics anyway and see what you can make of it!

Next-gen iPhone schematic shows 4-inch display, repositioned FaceTime camera | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence

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Apr 27, 2011
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I will actually be bummed out if they introduce a new resolution for the iPhone 5. Especially if it will be a taller version but the same width.
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May 22, 2012
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Well i would not expected the width to be wider as how many phones are in the market that are 4 inches wide?

The width is perfect the way it is on the iphone 4, well maybe i would like to see it about another half inch wider is all.

The thing is of the iphone 5 has no major significant upgrades over what the iphone 4 has, i then will be passing on it.
If all it has is a bigger screen, faster processor, more onboard memory then its not for me.

I want a better layout IOS and many tweaks that we users who are JB use cause i am getting sick of apple
doing the same old same old stuff and not even consider and implement what users want the most.
They should be doing a world wide questionare about who wants what and implement the top 50 picks that
users want. I am sure they can JB a phone and test out what ppl want and have their geniouses make similar
tweaks or better yet buy the app patent from the makers of the tweaks or apps.

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