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New iPhone 8 Schematics are Probably Pretty Close to the Real Thing


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Jun 18, 2010
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More schematics show true form of iPhone 8.JPG

As we get ever closer towards the launch of the iPhone 8, the various images that are now leaking are getting pretty close to what we can expect the actual phone to look like.

A case in point is the schematics that surfaced over the weekend from Slashleaks and Benjamin Geskin, via 9to5 Mac. The schematics show many of the rumoured features that we’re all familiar with after all the months of rumours, such as the elongated power button, vertical dual cameras, and no physical home button.

One of the images shows an orange line very clearly delineating the screen area of the iPhone 8, which covers almost the entirety of the front of the phone. This could really be a very impressive looking iPhone!

Another schematic shows the rear of the phone, with a Touch-ID-shaped hole in the middle, but no need to panic, as Benjamin Geskin says this is actually just a guide to where the Apple logo will be situated on the back of the phone.

Source: Latest iPhone 8 schematics and case leaks corroborate full screen face and vertical dual-camera design


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Feb 12, 2012
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I always thought schematics referred to electrical/electronic drawings, glad to see I can still learn .

We used to call mechanical parts drawings just CAD drawings or spec drawings...

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