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New iOS 6 Will Bring Facebook Integration to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch


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Jul 27, 2011
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The WWDC conference for Apple went off with a bang, and a flurry of amazing announcements were shared. Obviously, the big news of the day was iOS 6 as everyone expected. The new mobile operating system from the labs in Cupertino has a ton of new features. One of them is Facebook integration. This shows just how important the social aspects of technology have become. The new OS will brings deep Facebook integration to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Here's a breakdown of features that will make Facebook much easier to use on your iDevice in the future:
  • Ability to login to Facebook through your iDevice’s settings (similar to Twitter)
  • Share updates from apps such as photos
  • Share locations from Maps
  • It will be featured in the App Store
  • It will allow users to “Like” apps, TV shows and movies
  • Facebook, (and Twitter), will be fully integrated into the Notification Center - this will give users the ability to tweet or update their status quicker
  • Integrated into the iPhone’s contact list
Additionally, this new integration will be coming to Macs as well.