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New Figures Show Apple is Still One of the Most Successful Sales Per Square Foot Retailers


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Jun 18, 2010
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AppleInsider reports on new research from eMarkter, via MarketNewsUpdates, that finds that Apple is still the number 1 brick-and-mortar retailer, with $5,549 per square foot. This compares particularly favourably with leading food service retailer Reis & Irvy, with $3,970 per square foot for its robotic frozen yogurt vending kiosks; gasoline retailer Murphy USA with $3,721 per square foot across its 1,400 retail stores; and jewellery retailer Tiffany & Co., with $2,951 per square foot in its many stores around the world.

Apple has almost 500 stores worldwide, many of which are huge spaces set over several levels. In fact, the company has just announced that it will be building a new retail store inside the Carnegie Library in Washington, D.C., which will take up 63,000 square feet.

Back in 2011 Apple actually reached $5,600 per square foot, so $5,549 in a market that CoStar research says has seen the average take fall from $375 at the start of the 2000s to $325 currently is impressive, to say the least.

Source: Apple leads brick-and-mortar retail with $5,546 in sales per square foot