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New Fifteen Puzzle for iOS Swarms with Insects


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Jun 28, 2011
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Soft-Industry announces its new fifteen puzzle game is released on iTunes - Buggy Puzzle. The game is a classic slider puzzle interweaved with nasty insects trying to impede a player to solve the enigma. Armed with various weapons, the player can exterminate insects or use his mind alone to beat the game.

One of those games that everyone used to play as a child is a fifteen puzzle. Sliding pieces back and forth, trying to align them in their proper order is simple, yet challenging gameplay. And new versions and options of this classic game only make it better.

Buggy Puzzle announced by Soft-Industry is one such enhanced fifteen game. Aside from game fields of varying sizes, the puzzle also features nasty insects floating all around. Whenever one of those lands to a piece, it cannot be moved until the insect flies away from it. Different types of insects (mosquitoes, flies and horseflies) rest on pieces for different times. Luckily, the player has a way to get those pestilent creatures away with a set of weapons.

The game has two difficulty levels to entertain both newbies and serious minds. The complexity of the game gradually increases from the first to tenth levels, while the eleventh level is officially impossible to finish, which should supposedly encourage players to prove or contest this. Obstacles of four types that are randomly scattered through the game field also add to the difficulty.

With more than a year put into its development, Buggy Puzzle is a pinnacle of game puzzle ideas. The smooth and intuitive interface, the well-thought gameplay and perfectly balanced complexity make this puzzle decent entertainment for many evenings. Aside from a classic fifteen game, it also features a slider puzzle where the player should gather a certain picture from the pieces.

Neat graphics and sounds, the specific style and challenging puzzles are what make Buggy Puzzle an excellent and catchy mind game for all ages.

Buggy Puzzle is available for iOS devices. The price for the full version is $1.99

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