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New Click Wheel App Brings old-school iPod Controls to your iPhone’s Keyboard


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Nov 27, 2012
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If you miss the days of the iPod Classic and its click wheel interface, you'll be happy to hear that there's now a new app which brings that back on your iPhone. The app is called Click Wheel Keyboard, and it's a third-party keyboard that you can install on your iPhone and add to almost any text-entry screen. Have a look at the video from below to see how it works:

The ‘keyboard’ is nothing more than a simple on-screen circle that operates as a scrolling wheel, while a series of letters, numbers, and symbols slide along top. Thus, if you tap the center button, then it will enter the letter into your text field. If you want to delete letters, then you just need to tap the top of the click wheel.

Furthermore, by tapping the bottom of the wheel, you will get access to capitalization, while the left and right sides of the wheel move your cursor through your entered text. The app is available completely for free, so follow the link from below to download it.

Source: iTunes