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New Apple patent reveals sound adjustable ear buds technology


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Nov 27, 2012
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​Having ear buds that you feel comfortable with is a very important aspect when using any smart device. Apple is apparently aware of the difficulties people face when using such technology, like properly adjusting noise levels.

Bearing this in mind, the tech giant has filed for a new patent entitled “Electronic device and headset with speaker seal evaluation capabilities” with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. If ever released, these​​ ear buds will help keep out ambient noise from your ear, so you won’t get distracted by whatever is going on around you. Imagine you want to hear a tune and people are loudly talking in your vicinity. The patent explains:

“The quality of the seals that are formed between ear buds and a user's ears affects performance. For example, satisfactory noise cancellation can become difficult when is high-quality seal is not present. Poor ear bud-to-ear seals can also affect audio quality in other ways. For example, left-right balance (volume) and equalization can be affected by seal quality.”

The above mentioned seals will be re-evaluated and when a faulty one is detected, the technology can autoregulate. Thus, the ear buds will present capabilities to measure the seal’s current limits, acoustic limits, also with the aid of a microphone.

The patent seems to be a recent addition to the Apple invention portfolio and has been filed in February 2013, crediting Victor Ticareno, Wendell B. Sander and others.

Source: AppleInsider

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