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New App Aims To Help Parents Prevent Cyber-Bullying


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Jun 18, 2010
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A new app from GoGoStat is designed to help parents monitor their teens’ social networking activity. According to a report on Wireless Week, the app, called GoGoStat Parental Guidance comes from developer Schakra, a sponsor of the International Bullying Prevention Association conference, which opens today in Seattle.

According to Wireless Week, the app was the brainchild of former Microsoft employees at Schakra, and works by identifying risky behaviour patterns. It will alert parents when their children post inappropriate texts, make new contacts, or upload photos of themselves. It will also enable parents to determine the age and location of anyone that their child wants to “friend”. The app even has a panic button feature which will send an emergency report to the police in an emergency situation, such as runaway or abduction.

“With iPhone adoption growing so rapidly, our aim is to make it as simple as possible for parents to monitor the social media activity of their teens on mobile devices too. This allows parents to be notified of potentially unsafe behaviour even while on the go,” said Bala Balabaskaran , vice president/products and chief architect at Schakra in a statement.

The app is available here to download for free, and also requires that you register your account for free at GoGoStat - Parental Guidance Mobile - Parental Guidance app for your mobile phone.

Source: Wireless Week

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