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New 2 Year Best Value iPhone 4S Insurance


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Oct 25, 2010
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Delray Beach USA
Ensquared has introduced iPhone insurance for $5.50 per month or $129.99 for a one time two-year term premium. This offers the iPhone owner coverage on any kind of accidental damage – including water damage – plus Lost & Stolen. More pertinent is that it allows up to three claims over the two years, each with an independent limit of $1000. In other words, total claim value of $3000 over 24 months. Deductible per claim is $179.


Immediate questions from the public is how this beats out the competition. Ensquared has painstakingly put together iPhone comparisons on http://www.ensquared.com/iphone_insurance.htm and http://www.ensquared.com/iPhone_Insurance_Reviews which show that Ensquared iPhone insurance premium undercuts AT&T by $1.50 per month and Verizon by $4.50 per month, with a deductible that is $20 lower per claim. Although its per claim limit is less than both carriers, at $1000 per claim it is more than enough to replace even the most expensive iPhone 4S model. Added to this Ensquared phone insurance underwriter is Fortegra – a NYSE quoted corporation and rated Good by AM Best.

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