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MyWi 5.0 Update For iPhone 4S Version 5.05.4 Beta - TETHERING No Monthly Fees!


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA

MyWi 5.0 has received update 5.05.4 to support the newly Jailbroken iPhone 4S. This Tweak/App allows you to use tethered on your iDevice without the need of adding Personal HotSpot to your data plan. You just simply set up your network name, password, and simply connect it as you would any WiFi network on your computer(Mac/Windows). This allows you to use your 3G data as a WiFi network so you can use your laptop, iPad, or any other internet device which uses WiFi on the go! No need to keep your data in iDevice Jail, IT'S YOUR DATA! Use it with whatever device you want! Keep in mind that even if you have "unlimited data" there is still a 5GB softcap which, if you go over, you make make your carrier angry. Just make sure not to go overboard like some people did using up to 30GB of data. You can find MyWi 5.0 beta 5.05.4 by adding the repo below. It comes with a FREE 3-Day Trial and normally costs $19.99 for the full version.

Add The Source, Enjoy The 3-Day FREE TRIAL:
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Jan 22, 2012
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I tried to open the link to the beta and get this message "You don't have permission to access /beta5/ on this server." Am I doing something wrong or is the site down?

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