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My switch to Sprint has been absolutely great!!!


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Feb 27, 2018
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So first off my transition to Sprint has been a easy pleasant good experience, After suffering at the will of US Cellular for the past couple years, Sprint is a blessing, life saving, life changing event.... So after 24 Months of the worst wireless experience in my short life of 30 years we made it out! It now makes me question how US cellular even stays afloat as a company... First off they have the worst CDMA footprint and signal in America, I've had about every single witless provider from GSM, CDMA, Iden and beyond and I can honestly say US cellular was the worst of the worst by a long shot... Dropped call USA no matter where you were, 4glte speeds that max our at 1.5 mbps to 1.7 mbps, which in all actuality isn't even considered a "4G" network.. There issue is there fighting for air space a battle that's suffocating them of everything they direlessly need to be efficient, they piggyback off any CDMA network that they can and come up last in about every category possible... That's just the beginning there customer support is a horrible excuse of undertrained under manned live agents who haven't got the closest idea as to what to do in the most moderate situations... I in my own opinion don't see how they can survive much longer in a cellular world where they exists with no volte, little to no air space, and no plans on buying into the 5G network...Sprint on the other hand is fast efficient, affordable and very techy the switch has been awesome and the service amazing... Long story short STAY AWAY from US cellular please at all costs... Sprint is a good beginning for me

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