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My daughter needs a great case for her iphone 4

Do you have any ideas that could help us help you? Favorite color, previous cases, etc
I just purchased a custom bamboo case from this USA based company. It's steep in price but the case is very unique and great craftmanship. My main problem now though is the wait time to get my case, 6-10 weeks, because they are a small company and are getting over run with orders. It won't let me post a link, it's grovemade.com.
I'm a big fan of the "Otter Box". I let my 4 year old play with the phone all the time, and he hasn't been able to break it despite several mishaps. Plus it has a screen protector built in. Its a little tricky getting rid of all the bubbles, but it can be done with practice and lots of screen polishing.