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music, photo's, video's, contacts - "restore"


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Jul 29, 2010
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Today i downloaded itunes onto my computer, plugged my iphone 4 in, it asked me to restore everything so that i don't lose anything, in which i did, it took approx 45min, when it was all done, i noticed that i have lost my photo's, video's, contacts and music off my iphone. Does anyone know where they have gone or if i have lost them altogether? i am so annoyed as i have memories in my photo's and video's :(
Make sure that in iTunes, you have a check in the box to sync your music, video & picture. Click on your device and you will see different tabs and you have to enable sync in each tab.
thanks. i didnt do that before, does that mean i have lost everything?
You should have said NO, and made a backup first.

How did you first put all this info on your phone?
when i first had the phone, i sync it with my laptop via itunes. my phone broke, i sent it back, got a new one and put it onto my laptop, clicked restore and all my old info off the first iphone went onto this one. i then made videos and pictures and contacts etc, decided to put itunes onto my computer upstairs, downloaded it, thought that it wouldnt download properly without the iphone, so i plugged my iphone in and clicked on restore. once this was finished (restoring) i safely unplugged it and realised that i had just cleared my iphone of everything.