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Music download direct to iPhone


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Nov 22, 2010
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Is there an app which can legally download music (MP3) directly to the phone? I've looked, but missed it. There ARE iPhone apps that rely on web sites to actually perform the downloads, but that's not what I need. The Android phones (e.g., my Galaxy S4) have apps that find, download, and insert the music files directly into the Music folder. Surely the iPhone has something like that! Thanks.
I've honestly tried to find the same thing for SOO LONG! I know that android apps have it and I am VERY surprised that there is nothing on the app store for it. It must be an apple thing or something with copyrights!
Thanks vb..... Sad about the lack of a good music d/l app. I suppose I'll just have to use that clunky iTunes junk to get tunes into my iPhone.
Yeah it's sad.... I mean the process would be soo much quicker to just search for a song you want to download and put it in your library. The struggle now is real! haha
In short, iTunes and Apple respects the DMCA and DRM aspects of internet distribution a little more than Google does, particularly since iTunes is all about purchasing music through Apple so they get a cut, so naturally, they'd want to make sure that they get as much of a cut as possible, though it doesn't stop a lot of music/media pirates (not insinuating anything). That and because for Android, it's open-sourced, and even Google stated that their OS was not developed with security in mind. So leaving the ability to import media through sources can lead to exploits/vulnerabilities that can lead to jailbreaks, which Apple wants to patch ASAP,AOAP. There are apps that would let you download music into a sandboxed location that can only be accessed by the app, but as for importing directly to the Music.app, not unless you're jailbroken.

There are some other media players that supports media importing that's not iTunes. It requires iTunes to be installed for the drivers and pre-reqs, but it's independent of Apple's iTunes such as MediaMonkey, which I prefer to use over WMP and iTunes for music listening.
Hello friends , use mymedia app that you can download every file types ;)

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I use iDownloader Plus... anything Safari can play can be downloaded.

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