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Multifl0w-like Widget For iOS 5 Notification Center 'WeeSpaces'


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA

WeeSpaces is a new iOS 5 widget for Notification Center that will show your most recent apps and all of your pages on your Springboard. This allows you to tap any of the apps or pages to open them up. Let's say you have a ton of apps and you wanted to get to your 9th page. You open up Notification Center and tap the 9th page, it's that simple. This work the same way with your most recent opened apps. WeeSpaces is fairly similar to, Cydia tweak, 'Multifl0w' except for the fact that it is in the Notification Center. You can find WeeSpaces for FREE under the Big Boss repo in Cydia.​
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