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Most iPhone users spend monthly more than $100 on carrier bills


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Nov 27, 2012
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Most of us have to save up a little in order to purchase an iPhone, because let’s face it, the smartphone is not the cheapest in the bunch. Now, a new report comes to show that the iPhone also comes featuring the highest carrier bills in the smarphone market, with some users spending more than $200 on their bills.

The survey provided by the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners showcases that 59% of all iPhone users involved in the study claimed that they spend more than $100 a month on carrier bills. The participants where polled between the months of October and December 2012. Android users, however, fared averagely better – 55% of the interviewed claiming they spend over $100 on their smartphone bills. The lowest costs seem to be experienced by BlackBerry users.

The CIRP study also found that none of the people interviewed spent less than $25/month on iPhone bills. 6% spent between $25 and $50. Comparatively, 14% of Android fans spent less than $50 on their mobile charges, as well as 40% of BlackBerry users.

Why the difference you might wonder. CIRP Co-founder Michael Levin explained the difference arises due to the iPhone’s expensive data plans, in comparison – Android users are on a prepaid or unsubsidized plans which are provided by regional carriers.

Nevertheless, even with the iPhone prices we see today, carriers who retail the iPhone are likely to see less customers abandoning their services, so it seems like the price is not going to scare quality product lovers.

Source: AppleInsider