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More Supposed iPhone 5 Parts Emerge


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Jun 18, 2010
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iMore reports today on fresh supposed iPhone 5 parts photos that have emerged on the Internet. The photos first appeared on Nowhereelse.fr, and feature what looks like some sort of protective cover that iMore says goes underneath the main digitizer and LCD unit, and may be there to provide protection for the logic board and other parts. A vibrator assembly is also shown, which appears to be different to those fitted in the iPhone 4S and CDMA iPhone 4, according to iMore. A lot of the components have already been seen elsewhere, except for the protective cover. Where the cover is situated could depend on how the next iPhone opens: if it opens from the front, it could be positioned just below the display, but if it opens from the back, like the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4, it could be positioned so that it protects the components inside from the rear. Of course, they may not even be parts from the next iPhone at all, with iMore saying that it’s “likely” that they are parts from an early prototype and not necessarily from the actual version that will be released.

Source: Photos of next gen iPhone parts show a new protective shield and vibrator assembly | iMore.com

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