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Monster Warlord


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Nov 20, 2012
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Anyone else play this game?

Kinda like Pokemon I guess. Highly addictive. From the makers of Zenonia, Zombie Gunner, Punch Hero and much more. See Gamevil Inc.

This game is an RPG all about building an army of monsters. Each moster has an attack and defense value. Monsters can be acquired in a number of ways. There are "normal" bosses to fight. World bosses (everyone on the server) fights. You can fight against other players. You can complete quests.

When its all said and done, this is about collecting cool monsters which win battles for you. If you are into "stats" and monster collecting youll like this game. Oh did I mention the app is free! Yes you can spend real $$ on in game purchases to get stronger monsters and level up quicker but you dont need to spend money to be successful.

My in game name = Dark Steel and my alliance code is # 928 957 2821

If you are new to the game I can protect you from bullies lol

Fan discussion can also be found at...<edited....please no external links>...

And here is a good site to see what the monsters look like...<Edited...please no external links>
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