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Monster Mobile Launches Hand-Motion In-Car iOS Charger/Controller


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Jun 18, 2010
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Monster Mobile Accessories has come up with this gadget that enables you to control your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in your car simply by waving your hands. Called the iMotion CarPlay Direct Connect, it’s a 12-volt in-car charging device that incorporates a hand-gesturing function that lets you control simple functions on your iPhone, such as using Play/Pause and track forward/backward.

If you’re wondering quite how that works, check out the CNET link at the bottom of this story as they actually have a video that shows the iMotion in action. According to CNET’s review, the device is very intuitive, and they definitely give it the thumbs up as being an easy way to control your iOS device while keeping your eye on the road.

As you might expect though, such technical wizardly doesn’t come cheap, with the iMotion setting you back $119.95 at your local Monster stockist.

Source: Monster, Control your iPod like a Jedi with Monster iMotion | The Car Tech blog - CNET Reviews
Photo credit: Antuan Goodwin/CNET