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Monster Cable iCableLink Review (headphone jack adapter)


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Jan 11, 2011
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REVIEW: iCableLink Headphone Jack Adapter for iPhone 4

As you may know Monster makes a mess of products from audio/video cables to fm transmitters to headphones. This review is going to be on the Monster iCableLink Headphone adapter for your iPhone. There are tons of cases on the market for the Apples iPhone and many of then have pretty small cutouts for the headphone jack which leaves you with a set of headphone you can't use with your new case. Monsters solution for this is the icablelink which has a very slim male headphone jack that will fit with all iPhone cases.

The icablelink is design is very nice, the adapter is about 3 inches long and the midsection has a very nice thick but flexible cording. 24k plated contacts minimize corrosion and it has a duraflex protective jacket to make the icablelink durable and last longer. I like the 3 inch design, it has a stiffer quality then normal headphone cord so when it is in your pocket it always directs the cable out of your pocket and doesn't let your iPhone spin around in your in there tugging the headphones on your head. Overall it will work with all iPhone cases that have a headphone jack cutout and the quality/design is top notch.

I went for the Monster branded cable sold on eBay for $6 dollars, there are a few cheaper options for $2 or $3 dollars but I wanted to get the quality that monster is known for so I got the icablelink. Check out Monsters other great products at Monster Cable Site , search it on eBay for a good price.

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