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MLB Announces Smartphone Streaming Subscription Service


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Jun 18, 2010
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MacWorld reports on Major League Baseball’s new smartphone-only MLB.TV subscription service, which was announced on Tuesday. The service has a $49.99 annual subscription fee, and you’ll also have to download the $14.99 "MLB.com At Bat 11" app in order to use it. What these two combined subscriptions will get you is live baseball streamed to your iPhone or iPod touch, with a choice of home or away broadcasts so that you can get to listen to your local commentator if you want, and obviously enjoy the slightly more biased commentary! According to MacWorld, the broadcast streams will also include live video overlays of statistics and the scoreboard, DVR-type functions such as the ability to pause and rewind games during the live stream, and access to full game archives. MacWorld notes that the smartphone-only streaming service will be subject to local market blackout restrictions, just as with the other MLB streaming services for Macs, PCs and so on.

Click here to download MLB.com At Bat 11 for $14.99: MLB.com At Bat 11 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

Source: MLB offers smartphone-only game-streaming subscription | Phones | iOS Central | Macworld


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Feb 3, 2011
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Tried it. The $49.99 would be a waste of money for me. The $14.99 MLB app is great, and you get streaming audio from both the Home and Away teams' radio station. You get a free week trial for the MLB.tv when you buy the app.

I couldn't watch any Yankee games because I'm in their network coverage area, so it's blacked out. I can however, listen to the streaming radio broadcast, which comes in MUCH more clear than the actual AM station.