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Mivizu slim snap case review


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Jan 11, 2011
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Mivizu Slim Series iPhone 4 case

This review is on the Mivizu Slim series blue snap case. Mivizu makes a variety of case for most apple products. The case came in a nice clear plastic shell with a card behind that can be folded into a stand for your iPhone. It dies not come with any screen shields which was a small let down. Mivizu has a very good price point fir all of there cases.

Just like all snap cases the Mivizu snap case is no different in the protection category. It does offer a small bit of lay on table which some snap cases don't. It has a full side rail design which means that the top left corner is connected to the whole left side not just left out to hang by itself. The top and bottom are two large cut outs so they leave the screen edge and metal wide open. This case is made to be a minimal design case with very little bulk so the amount of protection goes well with the design.

This case has some very unique features that you won't see on many cases. The volume buttons and the mute switch have on large cut out, the back of the cutout is recessed a little bit to allow you fingers to slide in there flawlessly, it feels like there isn't even a case on there when you go to press the buttons. The same goes for the power on/off button. The dock connector and speaker/mic cutout it one large cutout and will accommodate all third party cable and universal docks. The camera cutout is a pill shape large cutout and I have not had any issues with the camera and flash. The matte blue
material slides in and out of the pocket very easily and overall functionality is pretty good.

The quality of the case is pretty good, it has a very nice feel to it and the color is very vibrant. It has held up over time pretty well and doesn't scratch real easy and also doesn't attract lint like some matte felling cases. The design is where the problem for me started. Design was pretty god for the most part the finish and the button cut outs were really nice, also full rail sides were nice to see. The only problem I had with this case was when I would pull it out of my pocket the right side rail would be detached, it would not be completely off but it would slip off its mounting point on the antenna band which would drive me crazy, I could not tell if it only did it in my pocket or the way I was grabbing it but either way it did it pretty easily. I feared that if I dropped it like that it would just come off leaving my phone naked and that if it came on and off a bunch of time it would scar up the antenna band. It didn't do this all the time and I tested it pretty well over about a months time.

Overall the case was really nice feeling and looking snap case. The design features really made it unique and user friendly. But on the other hand the slipping of the cases right side made it unusable for me, i am pretty hard on my cases and iPhone so this case would probably work fine for a light user or a female who caries phone in there purse. This is the slim series without the cutout and you can get it for $24 dollars on the Mivizu Site.

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