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Minecraft: Pocket Edition Gets Another Big Update for iOS Players


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Nov 27, 2012
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Not so long ago, we talked about a pretty big update that Mojang released to iOS owners of its Minecraft Pocket Edition game. And now yet another new version has been released on iTunes, bringing a plethora of new features and improvements. Let's have a look:
  • Skins! Change your in-game look by uploading your own skin or choosing one from our downloadable packs
  • Just so you know, the skins update is compatible with Minecraft: Skin Studio, available from the App Store
  • One more thing about the skins: you need to pay to unlock some, but loads of them are free, so don’t stress about it too much
  • Multiple language support!
  • Boats with space for two! Take your pet for a pleasant ride
  • You can also throw stuff from the boats, like snowballs and eggs
  • Fishing! Now you can fish for fishies!
  • Squids!
  • Spider jockeys!
  • Cave Spiders!
  • Bats!
  • Adorable baby zombies!
  • Weird chicken jockeys!
  • Clownfishes are now edible!
  • A fancy new World Edit screen so you can rename worlds, change game mode and do other things
  • Creative players can no longer be set on fire phew
  • We’ve stopped cheeky chickens from walking on water
  • Animals can no longer breed without touching each other ooh err
  • Drinking milk now removes mob effects
  • Ridiculous amounts of bug fixes
  • Loads more cool things that you should discover for yourself!
As you can see, it's quite the update. If you want to grab all these great new features, just follow the link from below and download the most recent version.

Source: iTunes