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Microids' Egypt: The Prophecy Out Now for iPhone


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Jun 18, 2010
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After the successful adaptation of "Dracula: The Path of the Dragon", Anuman Interactive adapts another game from the Microids catalog for iPhone/iPod touch, in this case the excellent Egypt: The Prophecy game. I've previously played Egypt on PC and really enjoyed it, so it's great to finally get the chance to play it on the iPhone/iPod touch.

The game is being presented in three parts, having been adapted and reworked entirely for the iPhone and its features. It's a point-and-click game set in an exotic location, featuring mysteries, magical landscapes, riddles and much more.

In Part 1 of the trilogy, the player takes on the role of Maia, a young magician ordered by Ramses II to look into strange accidents that have been occurring at the site of the Great Obelisk. In order to complete her mission, Maia must fight against evil spells and magic charms as well as solving lots of mysteries.

The game features a 360-degree view that can be navigated in the first-person, with the player moving around the 3D environments by touching the screen, and looking around by sliding their finger across the screen. Here's Stéphane Longeard, Anuman Interactive’s CEO, talking about the game:
“With ‘Egypt’ we are continuing along the path that we have set out on; that is, to adapt Microïds titles for new electronic devices – and all this on an international level. Looking at the quality of the script for ’Egypt‘ and the adaptation created, we are hoping that this title will find its audience on the iPhone and iPod Touch, just as ‘Dracula’ did before it.”
Egypt: The Prophecy is so big that it has had to be split into three chapters, with each chapter costing $3.99. Parts 1 and 2 are out now, and you can get them here, and part 3 will be out on August 30th. Let's hope that the next Microids game that Anuman releases is the fantastic Syberia!

Source: Anuman