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    Hi, sorry I allow myself to write - it's a shot from the hip to find the right one to answer. Tried to google metadata Iphone and you had a post on not necessarily targeted to me.

    Have a question I need to find a prof and competent to help me answer:

    If I have taken a picture taken with an Iphone eg. In 2017, it finds on my Iphone (takes a screenshot) structuresd it in new folder (on Iphone) and deletes previous original image - on the new screenshot generated you will not be able to look at the metadata that original image was taken in 2017 or tell metadata only new screenshot date etc. as new original data?

    This could also be an email you sent with a picture, opens with the Iphone and takes screenshot of this and structured in a new folder and deletes sent mail ..

    I am totally lost and need someone out there who can help me. Do you know one or? Pay very much for help.

    Thanks in advance for your time and sorry for the inconvenience.
    my best
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