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Manage Teams of 70s Soccer Legends in the Latest Championship Manager


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Jun 18, 2010
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Square Enix’s Beautiful Game Studios is treating us all to some 1970s footie nostalgia with the release of Championship Manager Legends 70s for an introductory price of £1.79 (the game is currently not available in the US App Store). CML70s gives the player the chance to manage all the great footballers of the 1970s, providing a new take on the football management genre for those that remember the decade with fondness, as well as those who simply love classic football.

Filled with nostalgia and history for football fans in the UK, you get to manage a team back in the sporting decade that produced some truly memorable names, and which, for the first time ever in Championship Manager history, you can control and bring to life.

“The 1970s was an era of fantastic footballers including Johan Cruyff, Kenny Dalglish and Luis Arconada. Now for the first time in Championship Manager you can manage these legendary players and their classic teams,” said Roy Meredith, General Manager at Beautiful Game Studios. “We’ve also packed the game with authentic news stories from the decade so you feel fully immersed as you play through from 1970/71 – 1979/80.”

Championship Manager Legends 1970s lets you take over clubs from across Europe during some of the biggest decades in football, jam-packed with all the great features seen in Championship Manager 2011 as well as a revamped art style to reflect the best (and worst!) of the decade plus authentic news stories that really help capture the era.

Click here to download the game: Championship Manager Legends 70s for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on the iTunes App Store

Source: Square Enix
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