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Making FaceTime calls on 3g network


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Jul 3, 2010
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I am glad to have found this forum. I, like so many others recently purchased a iphone 4 and enjoy making Face Time video calls but alas, only my son has a iphone 4 and we both have to be in a WiFi area. I have learned that there is a device that enables me to connect my AT&T air card, Sierra Lightning and then I can make those wonderful Face Time calls in my car as long as I am in a 3g or 4g area. Has anyone had any history with these devices?
The 3g Store sells a device called Cradlepoint PHS 300. It is about the size of the iphone and you can put it on the dash of your car. Simple plug in the air card by USB and you can make Face Time Calls over WiFi. Sounds simple I was just wondering if anyone out there has purchased this yet and does it work as the company advertises.
I downloaded it and I cant figure out how to use it, if anyone out there can help me with this. I tried calling my friends iphone4 and she installed the fring app also. All it does it call her and doesnt ask to facetime.
i dont think it will be called facetime on fring.. when i downloaded fring for the n97 all i did was put call like on any messenger like msn skype or ichat..i think with fring you use skype and just call the other person.. hope that helps
Why wouldn't you just buy a web-cam for your laptop? Or just buy a MIFI and do FT calls over it?
on fring you have to choose video call from when you open there contact info