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Make Your Photos Speak for Themselves on iPhone and iPad


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Jun 28, 2011
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Bits&Coffee has released PhotoMarks 1.5, a universal iOS app that applies beautiful text comments and logos on photos and easily shares them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or via Email.

The text marks are fully customizable with a wide selection of fonts, a great color palette, and effects like shadow, stroke, or adjustable transparency.The text can be easily placed, scaled, or rotated with simple taps, and the rotation algorithm will snap to 90 degrees increments for convenience.

The logo marks can be any image from the device (e.g. a custom logo) and can be customized with adjustable transparency and a shadow effect. As with the text marks, the logo can be easily placed, scaled and rotated with simple taps.

Working with multiple layers is an easy and visually pleasing experience in PhotoMarks, especially with the added support of undo/redo for every editing operation. Photos can be added from the device's library or easily captured with the camera, and the resulting images can be saved in full resolution to Camera Roll or easily shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or sent via Email.

PhotoMarks v. 1.5 is a universal iOS app which costs $0.99(US) and runs on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch with support for iOS version 5 and 6.

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