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Mahjongg Artifacts Free for One Day


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Jun 18, 2010
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G5 Games is obviously feeling in a charitable mood today because for one day only, today, March 30, G5 is offering the full iPhone, Mac and HD iPad versions of Mahjongg Artifacts free to download. This really is a very beautiful and fun game to play, especially on iPad, even if you don’t normally like traditional games such as Mahjongg. The full game features three modes: Quest, Classic and Endless. Quest mode is a story mode linked by anime-style cutscenes as you undertake a journey around China and other picturesque locations, advancing to a new area when you win a Mahjongg game. Classic mode gives you the choice of up to 99 different tile layouts to choose from, and you can also choose your tile set from four different sets comprising beautifully decorated tiles, with themes such as ancient Egypt and China. In Classic mode you also get to choose your game’s backdrop as well. Endless mode does exactly what it says on the tin! In all versions there’s a timer running, as well as a hint system. Overall, an addictive, yet strangely relaxing game to play, well worth downloading while its going free!

Click here to download the HD iPad version: Mahjong Artifacts® HD (Full) for iPad on the iTunes App Store

Click here to download the iPhone/iPod touch version: App Store - Mahjong Artifacts® (Full)

Click here to download the Mac version: Mac App Store - Mahjong Artifacts®

When you go to download either the iPhone or iPad game, make sure you download the version labeled “Full”, rather than the cut-down “Free” version.

Source: G5 Games
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