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Lunascape Browser iPhone Version Released Adding to its iLunascape Family


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Jun 30, 2010
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Desktop-class tab browsing coupled with innovative User Interface (UI) developed specifically for iPhone, shifts most common actions to bottom of screen

Sunnyvale, Calif.—(Novemeber 18, 2010)— Lunascape, the company behind the triple engine browser, is releasing today an iPhone version of its browser called “iLunascape Lite for iPhone." The app features desktop-class tab browsing designed specifically for the iPhone, taking into account its portability and small screen area constraints.Up to six multi-tasking tabs can be opened at a time, and it comes with various tab management options.

Tabs and most common actions are located down near the bottom of the screen. Lunascape calls this unique user interface (UI) its “InReach Interface.” Lunascape also implemented their "thumb slide" feature, allowing users to switch between tabs quickly. It is easy to hide tab and address bars to maximize the available screen size.

iLunascape Lite also features online bookmark sync with Lunascape and Firefox desktop browsers by utilizing Mozilla’s open-sourced Firefox Sync platform.

“The iPhone does not have a strong web browser option. Safari and Opera do not accommodate use of tab browsing; they merely create new pages. Firefox announced that it won’t make its browser for the iPhone. Lunascape is the only browser company that provides browsers for PCs and iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Firefox users who want a solid iPhone solution, you can sync your bookmarks with us and try us out,” said Yuki Sekiguchi, COO of Lunascape. “With the right browser, the iPhone can be a very powerful browsing device. We wanted to develop a highly functional browser, specifically taylored for handheld devices, but one that still shares a common experience with a desktop browser. We are heading to a comprehensive cross-device solution”.

iLunascape Lite for iPhone Main Features

· InReach Interface
o Groups tabs and most buttons at bottom of screen for easy access
· Real Tabbed Browsing
o Open up to 6 multitasking tabs
o Switching between tabs is easy and quick with a finger slide or tap
o Holding a link displays options such as opening link in a new tab
o Search results can be shown as a new tab
o Tabs used in the previous session can be automatically displayed on the next start up
· Online and Offline Bookmarks
o Online bookmark sync with Lunascape desktop browser
o Online bookmark sync with Firefox desktop browser
o Bookmarks can be organized in folders
· Screen Capture
o Screenshots are automatically stored in the iPhone’s Photos application
· Fast and Smooth Scrolling
· Rotation Lock
· Clear cache, cookies, and history for private browsing

iLunascape for iPhone is available immediately for free download.

About Lunascape
Founded in Tokyo in 2004, Lunascape develops and markets a next-generation web browser noted for its triple rendering engine technology preferred by software developers and heavy web users. Lunascape is used worldwide with over 20 million downloads. iLunascape, Lunascape’s new product line for "i" devices, featuring the concept of InReach Interface, includes the iPad version of Lunascape, released this summer in the US. It ranked #1 in the Free Utility category within 48 hours of its release, and was in the top 5 Free App in five countries (Japan, France, Spain, Israel, Taiwan) worldwide. More information about Lunascape can be found at lunascape.tv