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Lte streaming trouble


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Apr 22, 2015
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Heh guys,
Wanted to come here and see if anyone could possibly help me out here. I have an iPhone 5c. And have apps such as nbc sports extra, MLB at bat, watch ESPN, and the NHL network app all installed. Well about a week ago I think when I got the new iOS update 8.3 these apps have not just been working when I want to stream live content. I played around with my LTE, And cell data options on the phone itself. Well if you have cell data on and LTE on at the same time nothing plays you just see a loading circle. If I turn off LTE the apps work perfectly and am able to stream the live video. I'f I turn off all cell data i am also able to stream and watch the content no problem. I have a feeling it's the new update Apple put out but any suggestions or bug fixes will be appreciated!

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