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low speaker but also warranty question


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Aug 2, 2013
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Hi wonder if you can help i bought a 4s the other day off a friendand when i went to answer an incomingcall i could hardly hear the person. i checked that there was nothing over thespeaker and that all settings were right and volume up full. I took it intothe vodaphone shop as that’s my network, they checked it and tried a hard reset and said itlooked like the speaker is going and as i didn’t get it from them they couldn’tdo anything. So i went to our local market to see the repair bloke, he said hewould renew speaker for £20 so we went ahead with that. After he put a new speakerin it was just the same so he said he would have to take it home and do sometests on it and i can phone him Monday to see what’s up BUT i have since checkon apple site and found out that it still has 50 days warranty left for repairand service. So i am now worried that if he can’t fix it or will cost a fortune theni can’t take it back to the apple shop as he has opened it. Can anyone adviseon fault or if apple will still fix it.

Many thanks Tim


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Sep 24, 2012
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Regina, Canada
I'm afraid that you voided what was left of your warranty by having an independent repair tech service the phone. Apple will still service your phone, but will charge the normal out of warranty repair fee. If you still have warranty, the proper procedure is to check with Apple first, before going elsewhere for repairs.
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