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Losing connection


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Mar 14, 2015
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I have an Iphone4 S , I use a BT WiFi Hub for my computer and television also for my Iphone and IPad. I have two BT power line boxes in the system, one is connected to my computer and the other is plugged in behind the TV. The system works and we never have any problems.

When sitting at the computer and BT Hub which is close by, my Iphone maintains its WiFi connection but if I leave the room and move to another, the connection is lost. My Carrier is EE for normal telephone purposes which normally has a poor signal strength, I only use BT WiFi for TV and the internet.

My wife also has an Apple Iphone 5 and uses 02 as her carrier but our BT WiFi for internet on her phone. Her WiFi connection never fails which ever room she is in or, outside in the garden. Can anyone tell me please, what is it with my Apple Iphone4S that I have this problem and how to overcome it?