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Listening to podcasts without access to iTunes


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Apr 12, 2011
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I subscribe to some podcasts which I can listen to on my iPhone provided that I can transfer them to the iPhone via iTunes. However, if I am away for a day or two without access to iTunes (as I prefer to leave my laptop behind if I can) then I am in trouble unless I have a good enough signal to listen to them in Safari, which is not often the case. Does anyone know why Safari does not download the podcasts as MP3 files that can be listened to on the iPhone following download, even without a signal? Every other phone/browser that I have used automatically downloads podcasts as MP3s which I can then play back at leisure. I am surprised that Apple of all companies does not appear to have a way to do this as it makes my iPhone practically useless when I am away from iTunes (as I rely on some podcasts for my work). I would expect to play all podcasts using the "Music" icon on my iPhone which is where all other MP3s etc. are accessed but cannot (whereas that is what happens with Nokia phones etc.). Why is this?
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