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Leaked Walgreens Document Points to October 18 Launch for Apple Pay


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Jun 18, 2010
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MacRumors reports today on a leaked document from Walgreens that indicates that Apple Pay could in fact be starting as soon as next Saturday, October 18.

The leaked document is an internal memo written to Walgreens employees to get them ready for the launch of Apple Pay, which it says starts on October 18.

While a Saturday launch would be unusual for Apple, it would make sense for a retail-based service to launch on the biggest shopping day of the week. It would also be just a couple of days after next week’s iPad launch event, which takes place on October 16.

Apple announced on September 9 that Walgreens would be one of the major launch partners for Apple Pay. The newly leaked memo refers to Walgreens customers being able to use Apple Pay on their iPhone 6 to pay for good in Walgreens stores by tapping with their phones on the “upper portion of the pinpad.”

Source: Walgreens Planning for October 18 Apple Pay Launch - Mac Rumors
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