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Leaked Promo Flyer for iPhone 6 Reveals September 19th Launch Date in China

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Feb 6, 2014
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We aren’t sure what this means for a North American launch date, but it gives us a clue to work with. The above pic is supposedly a leaked promotional flyer for the upcoming iPhone 6 launch. According to the flyer, the iPhone 6 will be unveiled in China on September 19th. If Apple holds true […]

So hope this correct, I'm counting down the days.
they say it will not be out yet, we have to wait at least two months for it, but according to one of the article I read it will be the biggest pre order of all time
There's going to be a lot of iPhone 5s's for sale at great prices this fall. That will be a good upgrade for some still using the 3GS and 4/4s who would rather have the 4" screen.