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Leaked iPhone 7 Design Schematic Reveals Similar-Sized Phone to iPhone 6s


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Jun 18, 2010
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iPhone 7 schematic apparently leaks.JPG

According to a newly leaked design schematic that is claimed to be of the standard-sized version of the forthcoming iPhone 7, Apple’s next iPhone will be identical in terms of width and height to the current iPhone 6s, but will have a different-sized camera.

According to French website NWE, which published the images, the phone shown in the schematic is 67.12 millimeters wide and 138.3 millimeters high. The cutouts in the top left corner of the phone are all shown to be identical to those of the iPhone 6s, with the exception of the opening for the camera lens, which is bigger.

What is particularly interesting about this is that the schematic is for the standard version of the phone, not the larger iPhone 7 Plus. However, all previous rumours about the iPhone 7 having a dual-lens camera (which this bigger slot could be for), have centered around the iPhone 7 Plus, which was rumoured to be the only phone in the iPhone 7 range to be getting the dual-lens camera.

Could this leaked image be an indication that both models will now have the dual camera array, not just the high-end model?

Source: Rumored 'iPhone 7' design schematic shows size similar to iPhone 6s, bigger camera opening


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Jun 15, 2010
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lately all these rumours and leaks turn out to be true, will be interesting to see what happens with the 7