Leaked iPhone 5 Benchmark Test?

Discussion in 'iPhone 5' started by perezr10, Apr 23, 2012.

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    I was perusing the latest Geekbench tests this weekend when I stumbled on something highly unusual. A dual-core 1ghz iPhone 4 posting speeds that blew the iPhone 4S in the weeds. Laid right by the 2012 iPad, the scores looked remarkably similar.

    I think something akin to the 4S camera pictures getting uploaded to Picasa has happened. My theory is that an iPhone 5 disguised to read as an iPhone 4 was run through the benchmark this weekend. It stands to reason that Apple would want to know what these scores are going to look like in advance. And when better to do it than on a Saturday night when most people have a life?

    See it here
    iPhone 4 - Geekbench Browser

    Here is what your typical iPhone 4 SHOULD look like.
    iPhone 4 - Geekbench Browser

    Just for comparison sake, here's an Iphone 4S
    iPhone 4S - Geekbench Browser

    A 2012 iPad
    iPad3,1 - Geekbench Browser

    If this really is an Apple test mule, it at least shows that they are contemplating NOT underclocking the iPhone anymore. Perhaps this means a battery breakthrough?

    Any thoughts?

    Or maybe somebody just transplanted an ipad SoC onto an iPhone 4. Which I'd love to see to.

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