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Latest iPhone 5 rumor brings LTE and smaller dock connector to the table


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Jul 27, 2011
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Here’s the latest rumor report on a possible future iPhone device. It turns out that the next gen iPhone could be bringing users LTE connectivity and a new smaller dock connector.

Scaling down the dock connector, would give Apple the opportunity to make more under the hood and maybe add something extra special in there. Also recent developments have made the dock quite an unnecessary addition with the introduction of OTA updates via iOS 5 and the new iCloud service. Most of the accessories can connect wirelessly to the device anyway. The rumored mini dock will make its way into iPods and iPads as well. The current 30-pin connector is quite beefy and the device would certainly benefit from a smaller one.

The LTE connectivity rumor is not really a surprise, since it was hypothesized that the iPhone 4S would get this improvement. But neither the 4S nor the iPad 2 included 4G LTE. The new third-gen iPad on the other hand does. There are still many months to go before we can seriously start considering the new iPhone. With so much time left, it is certainly going to be a while before we could start hearing good hard facts. Until then, it will be interesting to speculate on these new rumors!

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Source: New iPhone 5 rumor: LTE and smaller dock connector - Crave - CNET Asia

mf guy

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Mar 27, 2012
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I personally liked my dock that came with the 2G. I found it to be very handy whenever I needed to charge it at work or around a desk. I'm very interested to see them make a comeback!

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