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Kodak socializes its Kodak Gallery app


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May 27, 2010
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Kodak is on the verge of introducing a new iPhone app for Kodak Gallery, which integrates photo sharing with the massively popular social networks. Let’s see how this works. So if you’re at your daughter’s dancing recital you can go ahead and create an ad-hoc network and share the photos you’ve taken with Katie’s mom who wasn’t able to make it because she had a cold. Also if you want to see what Tom’s mom has been able to capture from that good angle near the stage, you can send her an invite to your network and check out all her pictures right on your iPhone.

If you’re in a rush there’s the option of multi-photo upload, and then there’s a lot of possible ways to share them. Mark Cook, Vice President of Products said that what’s most important, is the joy people feel when having all the pictures form an event and with the new mobile app, people can start sharing and exchanging those pictures even before the event is over.

Kodak Gallery hopes that this app will help with the problems created by the massive amounts of information people are sharing on social sites via Internet. Now Kodak Gallery users can set up as many networks as they like for not even a dime. And the app might be currently available only for the good old iPhone but soon an Android version will follow.

With this app, the photo company has been trying to make room for itself in the overheated smartphone market, especially since it’s been suffering lately as more and more people transition from digital cameras to using their smartphones/tablets as a camera. And there’s no reason to mention the traditional film business, because most children these days might not even know what that is.

Source: newso