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Kids Puzzle Fun - Free gift for Pyjamas Apps fans!


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Sep 6, 2012
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Hey everyone!

To celebrate our first five educational games on the App Store, we have released Kids Puzzle Fun. It’s a gift for all fans of Pyjamas Apps – let’s celebrate together!

Your beloved characters from Pyjamas Apps games return! Meet them all here, in Kids Puzzle Fun – all the vehicles from Kids Cars, the boy and girl from Kids Clothes & Seasons, the musical animals from Kids Sounds, the boat and the wild animals from Kids Boats, Ricky the Cat from Kids Garden Math and the citizens of our future game – Recycle city.

Meet our characters, complete puzzles and be congratulated with lots of balloons!


- Lovely and well-know characters from Pyjamas Apps games
- 6 puzzles, each with scenery from Pyjamas Apps games
- Lots of balloons for completing level
- Attractive graphics
- Nice sound effects
- Kids-friendly design
- Kids-proof buttons for parents
- No advertising
- No violence
- No IAP



Pyjamas Apps strives to create apps in a way to strengthen kid's abilities; such as the ability to play alone, the ability to express meanings, the ability to create and imagine and also other abilities that could be developed with a high usage of IT products. At first, your child will need a bit of your creativity and imagination but later they will learn to play on their own.

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